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Helping you develop your workforce from the C Suite to the frontlines. Improve performance, build teams, strengthen communication & more.


Customer Service Training for Managers

If you are the manager or the leader, gain the skills needed to provide stellar customer service & strengthen your company or brand. 3HRS/$125


Customer Service Training for Front-line Employees

Learn great customer service skills for a friendly, helpful and positive role in your place of business. This is a must if you like working with people. 3HRS/$125      


Excel 1

Create & navigate spreadsheets. No experience required. 16HRS/$150


Excel 2

Discover a more in-depth knowledge of Excel’s ribbon, menus & functions. Use PivotTable reports & PivotCharts to filter/summarize data/worksheets & more. Bring actual files from work & complete real-world tasks in a structured training environment. Prerequisite: Excel 1 &/or experience with Excel basics. 16HRS/$150  


FranklinCovey® Leadership Training

ICTC offers a variety of solutions from FranklinCovey®, the gold standard for business leadership, culture & efficiency training, including 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Innovation at the Speed of Trust, Employee Loyalty & Engagement Solution & more. Hours/prices vary.  


Inventory Management

Is inventory controlling your business? Turn that around & save big by learning the ABCs of cycle counting, order points, Kanban techniques, supply chain management, lead-time reduction & carrying costs. This training can be customized for your business and conducted on-site. Hours/prices vary.


Lean Methodology

Learn the basics of Lean & how it relates to your organization. Training can be delivered at your facility or at ICTC. 8HRS/$450


Quick Changeover Techniques-SMED

Nobody likes change, but in today’s world we must focus on customer needs more than ever & that means reduced lead times & more changeovers. Learn to reduce changeover time & increase productivity. 4HRS/$175


Supervisory Academy 1

Lead & be the manager employees want to work for & engage with. Topics: True Colors Personality Assessment, ABCs of Supervision, Communication Strategies, Stress Management, Delegating, Conflict Resolution & more. 40HRS/$475


Supervisory Academy 2

Hone your leadership skills & prepare employees to succeed. Topics: Manage People & Performance, Project Planning & more. Prerequisite: 1-2 years supervisory &/or management experience. Supervisory Academy 1 recommended, but not required. 40HRS/$475


Commercial Truck Driver Training (Fast Track-Day)

Prepare for a commercial truck driving career with this 4-week training. Includes classroom training for your Commercial Learner’s Permit & Commercial Endorsements (CE), pre-trip inspection, drive time, coupling, road skills, HAZMAT & all you need to get your CDL. Workforce & tribal funding accepted; payment or voucher must be received before you start training. New classes start every Monday & run 8am to 5pm, M-F. 160HRS/$4,800


Hazmat  Endorsement | Online

Hazmat Endorsement is a certification added to your CDL license that allows you to drive trucks carrying hazardous materials, such as toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear waste products & flammable gas. Any substance that poses a reasonable risk to health, property or the environment qualifies. 8HRS/$200

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